Toyota Prius: Efficient Hybrid Car with Advanced Safety Features

The Toyota Prius has already established a dominant stance in the American market for hybrid cars. Besides having great fuel economy on the highway and in the city, this hatchback has advanced safety technology.

The Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) controls the Dynamic Radar Cruise Control in this economical car. When the Full-Speed Range function is active, the DRCC will apply maximum braking force in dangerous situations on the highway. Thanks to the system's custom settings, you have full control of the vehicle-to-vehicle distance in real time. The sophisticated cruise control is active at speeds of up to 110 MPH.

When you drive through busy streets, you don't have to worry about hitting pedestrians thanks to the Pre-Collision technology. Toyota of Rockwall will explain that this accident-avoidance system has forward-sensing sensors. If necessary, maximum braking power will be delivered to each wheel after some alerts appear in the instrument cluster.



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