Authoritative Styling is the Hallmark of the Toyota Hybrid Camry

One of the most popular new cars here at Toyota of Rockwall is the Toyota Hybrid Camry. Its fuel-efficient drive system offers plenty of power. The exterior styling, full of sweeping lines and precise angles, brings that authoritative power to the outside. Driving this hybrid is a pleasurable experience inside and out.

What makes the Toyota Hybrid Camry stylish? Start with the muscular shape that offers the driver the look and feel of a sports car. Add in the crisp edges making a visual impact. The integrated available LED headlights fit precisely into the sweeping lines of the hood and front panel. The fully-integrated running lights offer brilliant illumination.

The available 18-inch alloy wheels include dual-shaft machined spokes in a silver finish. Their alluring design will catch the eye and draw you in, allowing you to bask in the lines of this authoritative ride. Take a test drive today by stopping by our dealership.



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