Make the most of your money this tax season. Each year, you get a check in the mail for the hard-earned cash you have earned back. Since you will most likely get a sizable refund from the federal and state governments this year, you can now utilize your tax refund money to purchase one of our used Toyota vehicles from Toyota of Rockwall and give yourself a driveway upgrade.

Using your tax refund is a great way to ensure that you can take home that used car, truck, or SUV you’ve got your eye on. Use it as an additional down payment to lower your monthly payments, or use it to make several monthly payments at once and shorten your loan term from day one.


Normally, it can be difficult to put thousands of dollars down at one time as a down payment for a car. However, putting a down payment on a car is a good idea because it ultimately helps keep your automobile debt level at a manageable level. With your tax refund, you can now put down a larger down payment that will help manage your monthly car buying budget. Putting a down payment on a car means that you will have lower monthly payments and gives you more equity when you drive off the lot.

If you struggle with having little to no credit, tax season is the perfect time to make a down payment on a vehicle. The initial down payment will ultimately show that you are serious about purchasing the vehicle. With so many financing options available, we can help almost anyone take home a used Toyota, especially when you use your tax refund as a down payment at our dealership.

Are you ready to upgrade your vehicle in 2020? Purchasing a used Toyota vehicle is a great way to spend your tax refund if you are in the market to purchase a vehicle. The savings and quality you’ll find in our used Toyota inventory are sure to please, and you’ll be putting that tax return to better use than ever.

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