What Will You Be Doing This Year?

With Summer in full swing, drivers looking at the Toyota Tacoma near Dallas want to know what there is to do to show off their new truck. If you have a Tacoma truck, you'll want to take as many opportunities as possible to showcase its 6,800 pounds of maximum towing. We've compiled a list of things to do with your truck, especially keeping COVID-19 in mind and practicing safe social distancing.

  • Hiking: The Katy Trail offers Tacoma drivers a chance to use that large bed to haul gear for hiking and biking while leaving space for picnic stuff to celebrate your achievement when you're finished.
  • Boating: Why not tow your favorite boat out to Lake Grapevine? If you're interested in straying farther from home, there are plenty of other options, but why bother when there's enough nearby to love?
  • Golfing: With Stevens Park Golf Course, you can get in a few rounds with friends without having to get too close. To stay safer, you can skip the cart and walk to your next hole. Hauling your clubs around may not be the best way to spend the day, but at least your Tacoma can do the work when you're done.
  • Sightseeing: We know that for those who call Dallas home, touring seems like a waste of a summer day. The contrary is true since most of us forget to experience our hometown through the eyes of a tourist. You'll fall in love with your city – and your truck – all over again.

We encourage you to contact these sites to confirm their hours of operation and have a lovely summer with your favorite Toyota truck.