As more and more drivers around Rockwall start turning to online and mobile solutions to the car buying the process, the team at Toyota of Rockwall is rising to meet this new demand. Introducing the official Toyota of Rockwall app, which allows our customers to leverage every major digital retailing tool from our website in the palm of their hands while on the go.

Shop for Your Next Vehicle Wherever You Are

Multitasking is the norm, so while you're waiting in line at the grocery store or looking to pass the time in between commercial breaks, you can explore our entire inventory of new, used, or certified pre-owned vehicles at a moment's notice. Compare prices and request additional information on any vehicle you see. And if you have questions, there's a button that calls us directly with a simple press.

Apply for Financing Through the App

Much like through our main website, drivers can apply for financing directly through our app. You'll have access to our easy and intuitive online form which can be filled out and submitted with your smartphone's touchscreen controls. You'll still have access to the same list of options that we've secured from our connections with banks and lenders, and you'll save time and paperwork.

Schedule Your Next Service Appointment on the Go

We've all had that "aha" moment when we're in the middle of one errand, only to remember that errand you forgot you needed to get your vehicle in for service days ago. Instead of waiting and hoping you remember to make the appointment later, simply take out your phone and schedule it right away no matter where you are. It's one thing to check off your to-do list and added peace of mind.

As always, the team at Toyota of Rockwall looks forward to serving you soon.