Whether you're looking to trade-in for an upgrade, or simply have a set of wheels that's collecting dust in your driveway, we want to talk to you. At Toyota of Rockwall, we're in the business of making life convenient for our customers, and that comes not only from our extensive inventory of new, used, and certified pre-owned vehicles but also from easing the burdens of every person who comes through our doors. Simply put, we want to buy your car.

How Does It Work?

We get the ball rolling with a simple three-step process. First, we want to know about your vehicle. Stop by Toyota of Rockwall, and a member of our staff will perform an inspection to examine its overall condition. We'll check inside and out, take note of your vehicle's standard features, go over its vehicle history report, and wrap up with a test drive to ensure its integrity.

Once we've gone over all of the details and driven it ourselves, step two is the fun part for you. We make you an offer. What's more is that the offer we give you will not shortchange you in any way, as we are always evaluating vehicles based on many different data sources to ensure our offers exceed our competition.

The final step rests entirely upon your shoulders. It's time to make a decision. Any offer we give you isn't required to be accepted. In the end, it's your choice whether you want to sell your vehicle to us or not. We can guarantee that what we offer you will be accurate to its value, and from there you can choose to use our offer as a down payment towards another vehicle or walk out the door with a bank draft check from us.

Ready to sell? We're ready to see what you've got.