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Free Alignment Check At Toyota of Rockwall

Toyota of Rockwall offers a FREE Alignment Check with any paid service. With today’s alignment equipment, checking the alignment of a vehicle takes only seconds to drive over a very sophisticated alignment sensor and is FREE at Toyota of Rockwall. In addition to checking the wheel alignment on your auto, an in ground tire tread depth checker will also check the remaining tread on the tires. This gives our Service Advisor insights on tire wear and other possible issues. Maintaining proper wheel alignment may extend tire life, increase fuel mileage and possibly provide longer front end component life for your vehicle.

If checking your vehicle reveals your vehicles alignment is not within factory specifications, your Service Advisor will recommend a wheel alignment be performed. Once you okay the recommended service the alignment of the vehicle is performed by our Toyota Factory trained Technicians and the best part is that the corrective action is far less expensive than just ten years ago. Modern technology will allow our technician to accurately align your vehicle and keep you safer. The Master Mechanics at our Toyota of Rockwall Dealership will check the tread depth of all four tires and adjust the air pressure in each tire to the specified optimum pressure.

A vehicle that is easy to steer and does not pull to the left or the right is probably aligned correctly. Problems with alignment occur when a vehicle hits a curb, drives into a pothole or unexpectedly strikes something in the road. Minor accidents can also result in wheels going out of alignment.

If preventative medicine is a priority for everyone to stay healthy, alignment checks of your vehicle should be a priority to keep your vehicle healthy as well. If your cars wheels aren’t properly aligned, it can cause your tires to wear very quickly or unevenly. You may even notice that your steering wheel may pull to one side or another and the vehicle will drift to one side of the road. This can potentially be very dangerous — especially if you’re driving in the rain and the vehicle hydroplanes.

When a vehicle’s wheels are out of alignment, it increases the risk of tire damage and accidents on the road. Regular FREE wheel alignment inspections can help protect the life of a vehicle’s tires while enhancing vehicle safety. Wheel misalignment can cause the following:

  • The vehicle steering wheel becomes off-center
  • The vehicle is more difficult to drive
  • The vehicle takes more effort to steer the vehicle in a straight line
  • The tires wear unevenly

Toyota Wheel Alignment Importance

It may seem like a minor thing to get a wheel alignment, but this regular FREE check is crucial for nearly every aspect of your car’s functioning. Proper wheel alignment helps to decrease resistance that the car faces from the surface of the road. This in turn makes your driving experience much smoother, instantly improving your car’s performance. It also puts less stress on front end components which could increase their life.

Because the driving experience is smoother with properly aligned wheels, you will also notice fuel savings. The smoother contrast between the surface of the road and the tires reduces the effort your car has to put into moving forward, reducing the amount of fuel that the engine consumes. This improvement in fuel efficiency has several benefits: It will help your pocketbook, decrease the frequency with which you need to refill your tank, and minimize the negative carbon effects on our world.

Toyota Wheel Alignment Prices | Dallas Suburb Toyota Service

  • The price for checking your alignment is FREE and takes only a few minutes.
  • If just normal alignment is necessary the price is $129.95
  • For a 1 year warranty for a normal alignment, the price is $189.95

Please understand that the alignment problem can be more than expected, and therefore, the prices listed on this page could be higher once we start the alignment and identify parts that are not within specified wear limits, or have been damaged, but not detected prior to our technician performing a wheel alignment your automobile.